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What Denture Does Your Smile Need?

While a bridge can replace between one and three missing teeth, sometimes a patient suffers from more serious cases of adult tooth loss. For those missing most of their teeth, or all of them, a more substantial prosthetic is necessary. What kind of denture does your smile need?

What Benefits Do Dental Implants Offer?

Dental implants are unique and can provide a number of benefits that bridges and dentures simply can’t. They are placed into the jawbone, acting as a new tooth root. They boast a 98% success rate and provide a number of benefits. Would like to learn more about dental implants?

How Do You Place A Dental Bridge?

When you’re missing between one and three teeth in a row, we may suggest a very specific dental prosthetic. A bridge can literally bridge the gap, filling it with a lifelike tooth and protecting your smile from the complications related to tooth loss. How do we place a dental bridge?

What Should I Know About Extractions?

In certain cases, keeping your smile healthy means not preserving a tooth, but removing it entirely. While this may seem counterproductive, often the oral health concerns impacting a tooth mean your oral health depends on the immediate removal of a tooth. What should you know about dental extractions? Is the process comfortable?

What Does Crown Placement Involve?

Last week, we discussed how a dental filling can be used to treat tooth decay. In addition to dental fillings, we also offer a more substantial restoration known as a dental crown. What does placing a crown involve? What damage or oral health concerns can we address using one?

How Does A Filling Repair A Tooth?

Last week, we discussed how an aching tooth could be a warning sign of a cavity. Should you develop tooth decay, how can we fix the issue? With a composite dental filling, we can provide a lifelike solution in a single visit. How does a filling repair the tooth? What can we expect from this… Read more »

What Kind Of Bridge Do You Need?

Last week, we looked at dental implants for replacing lost teeth. However, they are not the only option for restoring your missing teeth. In fact, for the loss of one or more teeth, you may benefit from a dental bridge. We offer two different options at our office. What kind of bridge of you need?

What Do You Know About Dental Implants?

Losing a tooth, or more than one, can be embarrassing. In addition, the issue can lead to trouble communicating clearly, difficulty eating, and even lead to jaw joint problems, such as TMJ disorder or bruxism. To improve your quality of life, you need to have your missing teeth replaced. Fortunately, we can do so with… Read more »

What Is Your Toothache Saying?

Do you have an aching tooth? When you have pain in or around your smile, you should see your dentist. If the pain is serious, then you may even need an emergency visit. Discomfort is a warning sign that something has developed. Your toothache could be saying that your smile is in danger and requires… Read more »

How Do You Place Dental Fillings?

When a cavity forms, you need a restoration to prevent the issue from growing worse and threatening the health and stability of your tooth. In order to treat the decay, we may recommend a dental filling. If we decide this is the best choice for you, what can you expect? How do we place dental… Read more »