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Why Do We Grind Our Teeth?

Bruxism is a disorder in which a patient grinds his/her teeth or clenches his/her jaw. Without treatment, the disorder can lead to serious complications, including damaged teeth and an increased risk of decay and infection. But why do we grind our teeth? How do you stop this disorder?

3 Reasons Bruxism Treatment Is Worth It

Have you been told that you grind your teeth while you’re sleeping but you have never caught yourself performing this habit during the day? Perhaps we have noticed that your teeth are showing early signs of wear due to teeth clenching. Whatever the case, if you suffer from bruxism, we always suggest bruxism treatment to… Read more »

Why Bruxing Can Be A Pain

Bruxing is the habit of clenching and grinding your teeth together. Most everybody bruxes at one time or another, but chronic bruxing can be a pain. Many people only brux at night and may not know. Mild bruxers may not show any symptoms. However, those who brux nearly 27/7 can experience head, neck, shoulder, jaw,… Read more »

The Bad, Bad Habit Of Bruxing

What is bruxing? Bruxing is the chronic grinding and clenching of your back teeth. It often happens while you are sleeping so you don’t even know you are doing it, unless someone brings it to your attention. However, it can also happen during the day. It may happen when you are angry, anxious, or in… Read more »

Answering Questions About Bruxism

While good dental hygiene can help you prevent the most common dental health issues, like tooth decay and gum disease, other conditions might not be as simple to prevent. In some instances, you might be endangering your teeth without even realizing it, especially if you experience bruxism (consistently grinding your teeth). If you catch yourself… Read more »

Explaining the Basics of Bruxism

Simply put, the term bruxism defines grinding your teeth. Usually occurring when someone is sleeping, the force combined with the motion of rubbing your teeth together for extended periods of time can lead to your molars getting worn and damaged, and a host of unpleasant symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches. Severe bruxism can… Read more »