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What Happens To Our Smile When We Lose Teeth?

Whatever the cause, losing one or more of our natural teeth could mean much more than embarrassing gaps in your smile. You could have trouble eating, speaking, or even experience negative changes to your facial structure. In today’s blog, your Garland, TX, dentist explains what happens when we lose teeth.

3 Types Of Dental Bridges

For patients with between one and three missing teeth in a row, we may suggest a custom-made prosthetic that looks natural and prevents the complications of tooth loss. We provide our Garland, TX, patients with three different dental bridge options, including one secured with advanced dental implants. Which one will be right for your smile?

Do You Have Questions About Dentures?

Last week, we looked at how bridges can address minor tooth loss. But what if you’ve lost several teeth, or all of them? In these scenarios, you benefit from dentures, a dental prosthetic designed to address serious tooth loss and restore function and beauty to your smile. Do you have questions about dentures?

Does Tooth Loss Lead To Poor Oral Health?

We know that losing a tooth can impact your appearance. People who experience tooth loss often feel embarrassed about their appearance. However, losing a tooth can also lead to poor oral health. Missing teeth can impact everything from alignment to facial structure.

Know More About Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth can lead to serious consequences for your oral health, even if the tooth is in the back of your mouth and isn’t noticeable. The good news is that modern dental prostheses can help you regain your smile and quality of life following tooth loss. The better news is that, despite its common… Read more »