FillingsWe’ve been told since we were children that eating sweet treats and not brushing our teeth can wreck our teeth and gums. The crux is bacterial plaque. When the bacteria living in this sticky substance that forms naturally on your teeth eat particles of sugar and starches, they create an acidic mix that decays tooth enamel. This occurrence is called demineralization. These acid attacks lead to tiny holes in the teeth called cavities. Cavities, also called dental caries, must be cleansed of decay and filled with composite resin to match the original color and contour of your teeth.

In the Genes

Some people are more prone to cavities than others no matter how committed they are to oral hygiene. People who live with dry mouth due to reduced saliva production are more prone to cavities, as well. If you are one of these people, there is still hope. You can reduce the likelihood of developing cavities by incorporating certain habits in your daily oral care routine. Sugary and starchy snacks cause cavities as well as sodas and fruit juices. Reduce your intake of these foods and drinks. Brush your teeth after meals. If you don’t have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste or it’s not convenient to brush, swish your mouth with water or chew a piece of sugarless gum to neutralize plaque acids.

Diet is a factor, too. Getting enough calcium, which is in dairy products, is not just good for your bones, it’s good for your teeth as well, and raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains are good for your heart as well as your teeth!

Placing a Dental Filling

Filling cavities is one of the most basic procedures in family dentistry, taking only about an hour or less to perform. Here is what you can expect when you get a filling at Mai Dentistry:

1)      We thoroughly cleanse the tooth of decay.

2)      We reshape the area to accommodate the filling.

3)      We dry the area thoroughly.

4)      We apply a conditioning liquid that securely attaches the filling.

5)      We apply composite resin material to fill the prepped area.

6)      We allow the resin to harden and then reshape it to match the tooth’s natural shape.

Composite Resin Fillings

Mai Dentistry proudly uses composite resin to fill cavities. We prefer composite resin for several reasons:

  • It’s natural-looking.
  • It is malleable (easy to shape).
  • It has restorative and cosmetic applications.
  • It’s hypoallergenic.

The good news about cavities is that, if detected early, they can be repaired in a single visit! Dr. Mai has
performed this simple operation many times with skill and accuracy, and prides herself for taking the time to place accurate, conservative fillings.

Enjoy Lifelike Dental Fillings

Using composite resin, we can place lifelike and metal-free dental fillings, restoring teeth that have developed cavities. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese. To learn more, or to schedule your next appointment, call our Garland, TX office today at (972) 530-0552.