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How Do I Keep My Child’s Smile Healthy?

Just like adults, children need routine care to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. What can you do to keep your child’s smile healthy? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how preventive care can help instill good habits and protect smiles from the onset of cavities.

3 Common Childhood Dental Issues

There are many dental health issues that concern children, from the well know, such as tooth decay, to the less obvious, such as thumb sucking. As a parent, protecting your little one’s smile means being aware of the possible dangers and taking steps to help. Today, we’re going to look at three common dental issues… Read more »

5 Steps For Keeping Little Smiles Healthy

We often speak to parents with many questions about children’s dental health. For example, many are unsure whether toddlers need their teeth brushed as often as adults do, or if children really need dental cleanings below a certain age. Let’s not forget questions about diet and what foods to avoid. Today, we’re going to address… Read more »

How Do You Avoid Baby Bottle Syndrome?

Have you ever heard of baby bottle syndrome? If you’re a parent, then you need to understand what causes this issue and how to protect your child’s smile from it. Also known as baby bottle rot or baby bottle decay, this issue can lead to cavities and other serious oral health concerns.

Do Kids Need Fillings?

Children eventually lose their baby teeth, everyone knows this. Many parents ask us if treating a cavity in baby teeth is necessary, after all, these teeth will fall out. The fact is, kids need fillings to avoid a cavity becoming an infection and leading to serious discomfort or possibly premature tooth loss. Just like teens… Read more »

How Do I Protect My Child’s Smile?

How do you protect your child’s smile? Like adults, children require routine care to avoid tooth decay and other oral health concerns. Otherwise, even at a young age poor oral health can lead to discomfort and premature tooth loss. Fortunately, we offer preventive treatments and can also educate you and your child on proper oral… Read more »

What Is Children’s Dentistry?

What is children’s dentistry? Many people don’t realize that children need to see the dentist as soon as the first baby teeth arrive. Afterward, kids must continue to see the dentist regularly, just as adults do. Regular visits and preventive treatments can help promote a lifetime of healthy smiles and good dental habits.

Nature’s Own Pacifier

Young children develop many habits to calm themselves, and one of those habits is thumb sucking. In fact, infants even suck their thumb in the womb. You may have caught your baby with their thumb in his or her mouth during a sonogram. If your baby is sucking his or her thumb before birth it… Read more »