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Answering Questions About Bruxism

about bruxismWhile good dental hygiene can help you prevent the most common dental health issues, like tooth decay and gum disease, other conditions might not be as simple to prevent. In some instances, you might be endangering your teeth without even realizing it, especially if you experience bruxism (consistently grinding your teeth). If you catch yourself clenching your teeth together once in a while, you don’t necessarily have to rush to the dentist’s office. The thing about bruxism, however, is that if you do it enough, then the habit could cause irreparable damage to your teeth and dental health.

Should Teeth-Grinding Be Worrisome?

Doesn’t everyone grind their teeth?

The truth is that nearly everyone clenches their jaws and grinds their teeth together once in a while, particularly when they are tense or angry. In small, infrequent bursts, the action is not particularly dangerous, but over time, the pressures of bruxism can wear down and damage your teeth.

What could raise my risks of bruxism?

The causes of bruxism differ from patient to patient, as do the risk factors, but certain things are bound to increase your risks of teeth-grinding, such as;

  • Crooked teeth, which can make your jaw uncomfortable
  • TMJ disorder, a jaw dysfunction that can cause your jaw muscles to twitch and lead to bruxism
  • Excessive stress, which can place your jaw and facial muscles in a constant state of tension

What if my teeth are already worn or damaged?

You might not always be able to prevent bruxism, but even if it occurs, you might still prevent extensive damage by seeking treatment early. Even if your teeth do sustain damage, we can rebuild your smile with an appropriate restorative dentistry procedure as well as help you stop grinding your teeth.


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