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3 Reasons Bruxism Treatment Is Worth It

reasonsblocksHave you been told that you grind your teeth while you’re sleeping but you have never caught yourself performing this habit during the day? Perhaps we have noticed that your teeth are showing early signs of wear due to teeth clenching. Whatever the case, if you suffer from bruxism, we always suggest bruxism treatment to protect you from the negative effects of involuntary teeth clenching and grinding. Not quite ready to move forward? Learn about some compelling reasons to treat your bruxism, so you feel more motivated to keep your smile safe.

Reason #1: It’s Gentle – Why Not?

There’s nothing scary or uncomfortable about bruxism treatment. You might be surprised to learn that all it requires is that you wear a comfortable a mouth guard – also called a splint – that is simply a plastic oral appliance. By placing the guard in your mouth before sleep, you will give yourself hours worth of protection, so your top and bottom teeth cannot touch one another.

Reason #2: It Will Stop The Pain

If your top and bottom teeth cannot come into contact due to bruxism treatment, you are eliminating the cause of daily discomfort. Grinding and clenching may both cause your teeth to feel extremely sensitive. The constant pressure may cause teeth to begin fracturing and can even result in damage to your jaw joints and TMJ disorder. We suggest treatment, so you may regain comfort.

Reason #3: Treatment Is “Preventive”

In addition to helping you feel more comfortable, bruxism treatment will assist in protecting the structure of your teeth and the health and functionality of your jaw joints. The sooner we treat the problem, the easier it is to prevent the development of consequences that can include broken, worn, or lost teeth.

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