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Make Sure You’re Flossing Well

dentalflosswhiteDo you avoid flossing your smile at all costs? Will you occasionally floss your teeth but you complete the task as quickly as possible? It is important to recognize that flossing correctly is essential to good oral health. You will be surprised to learn that a dislike of floss is typically due to a lack of information. Fortunately, we have gathered some tips to ensure your flossing is comfortable, effective, and efficient. For additional questions, remember to speak with us during your next visit.

Tip #1: Use More Floss

Unless you’re using an incredible amount of floss, chances are quite good that you’re not using enough floss – not even close. Here’s what we suggest: Begin with a portion of floss that measures approximately 18 inches in length. This will make getting through your session easy, so you don’t reuse your floss or feel the need to keep cutting off tiny strands.

Tip #2: Wrap The Floss Around Your Middle Fingers

Have you been wrapping the floss around your index fingers throughout your life, which results in purplish or numb fingertips? This is another common problem that causes patients to avoid this essential factor in oral health protection. After you carefully wind the floss around your middle fingers, guide it through your mouth with your index fingers and thumbs.

Tip #3: Bend The Floss

If you are holding the floss taut and dragging it straight up and then straight down between teeth, you’re performing a disservice to your teeth and gums. You must gently bend the floss around the side of one tooth before moving it up and down – then around the side of the other tooth – for effective results that promote good oral health.

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