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Questions And Answers About Sealants

Q&AskyHave you been considering providing your child with dental sealants but you are not completely informed regarding this area of children’s dentistry? We suggest you find out more and strongly consider this preventive treatment. Why? Well, it offers your little one a great deal of protection against the development of cavities in those extremely difficult-to-reach back teeth. To collect the details you seek, we offer up some helpful questions and answers, so you feel more familiar with sealants.

Q&A: Dental Sealants

Question: Where do you place dental sealants and why?

Answer: We place sealants on the chewing surfaces only of back teeth – these are the highly contoured areas that display peaks and valleys. The grooves and tiny fissures within these places make excellent hiding spaces for bacteria and debris, which can greatly increase the chance of tooth decay development.

Question: What does a sealant look like? Will it embarrass my child?

Answer: A dental sealant is crafted out of clear plastic material that is very thin. We will paint it onto your child’s tooth’s chewing surface in a slim yet extremely protective layer that you will not be able to detect. This, of course, means that your child and his or her peers will not be able to see the sealants either.

Question: How long will the dental sealants last? Do I need to have them reapplied quite often?

Answer: Fortunately, you will not need to worry about frequent re-application. Sealants tend to last 10 years or more, which means a potential decade between touching them up (if necessary). In addition, the sealants wear away naturally so there is no need to have them “removed” at any point.

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