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Making The Most Of Brushing

toothbrushbluesmileDo you know if you’re making the most of your brushing? Are you quite sure that there’s nothing about your dental hygiene that needs some improvement? Fortunately, this is not something you need to feel unsure about any longer. Rather than making any additional assumptions, we invite you to consider helpful advice from our team. You will quickly discover either that you have been doing an exceptional job or that you need to make a few improvements for better brushing.

How Long You Should Brush

When you brush your teeth, it is essential that this portion of your dental hygiene session lasts two minutes. Whether you use some sort of a timer or turn on your favorite song and make note of the two-minute mark, brushing for an adequate amount of time will make sure you truly clean your teeth.

How Often You Should Brush

You should brush twice a day – once in the morning and again before you go to bed. However, you may brush more frequently if you wish (as long as you rinse first). Here’s the rule: After you eat a meal or snack, go ahead and rinse your mouth with water. Then, once 30 minutes go by, you may brush for enhanced dental hygiene.

What Type of Brush You Should Use

You should always use a brush that has soft bristles. The head of the brush should comfortably fit within your mouth, otherwise you may have trouble brushing your teeth. Don’t choose hard or medium bristles, which can damage enamel.

What Your Approach Should Be Like

All you need to remember is to apply light pressure and to clean every reachable surface of each tooth – along your gumline, as well – for effective dental hygiene.

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