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Treating Your Grinding With An Oral Guard

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What measures do you take to protect your smile? Daily oral hygiene helps you prevent plaque buildup that can lead to problems with tooth decay and gum disease. But what can you do about dangers that occur while you sleep at night? If you are one of the many Americans that experience problems with grinding your teeth, it can be hard to detect until significant damage presents. If your jaw gnashes the surfaces of your teeth together, you can quickly wear away your enamel layer and see noticeable chips and cracks in your smile. As you lose the protective outside of your tooth, your risk of additional oral health problems increases, in addition to causing an unsightly appearance.

At your Garland, TX dental practice, we can provide an oral guard to protect your teeth from grinding while you sleep. By separating each row of your teeth from touching one another, we can also relieve stress upon your jaw, protecting its joints and allowing you to wake up each morning feeling more refreshed. After addressing your ongoing damage, we can explore cosmetic procedures to repair your smile and return its natural beauty!

The Dangers Of Unconsciously Grinding Your Teeth

Also known as bruxism, this habit can contribute to multiple problems with your oral health that you may not be aware of. By putting off treatment for your condition, you may experience more severe damage that could have been prevented with interventive care. The wearing down of your teeth can also lead to a prematurely aged appearance as it changes the shape of your face. Constant pressure from this habit can erode your jaw joint and lead to serious pain when attempting to open and close your mouth.

Protecting Your Smile With An Oral Guard

We can inspect your smile for signs of wear at a general examination and offer care before your damage becomes worse. By wearing a custom-fit oral guard, you can protect your smile while you sleep. By molding your appliance to your unique bite, you can wear it comfortably and securely to separate each row of teeth. This preserves your enamel from further erosion to help you prevent problems with misalignment and tooth decay. If we determine that your habit is caused by an alignment problem with the jaw itself, we can create a guard to gently guide your mandible into a desirable position.

Speak With Your Garland, TX Dentist About Receiving A Treatment To Protect Your Teeth From Nightly Grinding

Failing to treat your bruxism can lead to future oral problems that require more involved treatments, but by wearing an oral guard at night, you can stop the problem at its source. For more information on treating the grinding of your teeth, please reach out to Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX today at (972) 530-0552.

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