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Treating Your Cavities In One Visit

How long does treating a dental cavity take? Well, your Garland, TX, dentist can actually offer a lifelike filling in just one visit! In today’s blog, we’re going to look at what causes tooth decay and when you should see our team for a filling. We’re also going to discuss possible preventive actions as well.

What Makes A Bridge Look Natural?

We know how even minor tooth loss can impact a smile’s health and beauty. In order to address missing teeth and prevent these negative impacts, we may create and place a custom-made dental bridge. When should you see your Garland, TX, dentist to discuss tooth replacement? Let’s talk about preserving and restoring smiles in today’s… Read more »

Treating A Cavity In One Visit

Did you know that we can treat a cavity in a single visit, returning your tooth to full function and health? In today’s blog, your Garland, TX, dentist will talk about how you can avoid cavities, and how we can use a lifelike dental filling to halt cavities and protect the health of your smile…. Read more »

I Had A Tooth Removed, Now What?

As we will discuss in today’s blog, often removing a tooth is key for protecting the health and function of your smile. But once your Garland, TX, dentist removes a tooth, what then? We’re going to look at how we remove teeth and ensure your comfort throughout the process, and how we help facilitate a… Read more »

How Do We Create Crowns That Look Natural?

Not every crown is made from metal. In fact, your Garland, TX, dentist has two options available to create strong and long-lasting restorations from lifelike materials. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we design and create these natural looking crowns, and when you may need to see your dentist to receive one.

Stopping Cavities With Lifelike Fillings

Treating a cavity not only stops painful toothaches, but also prevents complications, such as the onset of an infection or abscess. To ensure treatment blends with the smiles of our Garland, TX, patients, we typically use a lifelike dental filling. Made from composite resin, we can ensure they will match your tooth and protect the… Read more »