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Fillings Restore Your Teeth After Cavities 

Garland, TX, dentist offers dental fillings

Dental decay is one of the most common problems that patients face. It is estimated that every adult in the US has had at least one cavity in their life. Although this is a common problem, you should not ignore a cavity if you have one. Dental fillings can help restore your tooth after decay and protect it from future damage. The Mai Dental Team in Garland, TX, is here today to explain why fillings are an important restorative technique.

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How Can You Tell If You Have A Cavity?

Cavities are holes that can form in your teeth if your enamel has been eroded. This happens when plaque buildup forms on the surface of your teeth. You may be able to notice you have a cavity if the area is sensitive to certain foods, you have a toothache, and you may be able to feel the hole that has formed. During your biannual checkup, your dentist may also be able to notice these signs and more. X-rays may also be able to reveal signs of early decay, which can potentially be reversed with improved oral hygiene and fluoride treatments.

Getting Dental Fillings

Fillings are a simple restorative practice that can help restrengthen your tooth after it has been damaged from a cavity. During this process, the damaged part will be taken out. Although this is a minimally invasive procedure, sedation may be offered for your comfort. Then, the remaining area will be thoroughly cleaned. Composite resin will then be added to the area. This material can be made to match the shape and color of the structure, so it will blend in naturally with your smile. Other materials were used for fillings in the past, but they posed problems for patients. Amalgam and gold were popular at some points, but these stood out against your pearly whites. Composite resin easily bonds to the area and looks natural, which is why we prefer to use this material.

Helping You Prevent Tooth Decay

While it is possible to restore a tooth after a cavity, preventing them helps keep your smile healthy. To prevent decay, make sure that you are practicing a good oral hygiene routine and seeing the dentist twice a year. You should be brushing and flossing twice a day to help remove bacteria and prevent bad breath. Regular dental checkups help detect oral health problems early so they can be treated promptly. Children can begin visiting the dentist once they have grown in their first tooth and can continue throughout their lifetime. Since cavities are very common in children, we offer fluoride treatment as an extra layer of protection against this problem.

Don’t Ignore Tooth Decay

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