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Which Type Of Denture Does Your Smile Need?

Missing multiple teeth can lead to problems eating or being understood when speaking. You can also feel embarrassed and develop serious complications, such as misalignment or facial collapse due to loss of jawbone density. To combat tooth loss, we can recommend a number of different prosthetics. Which type of denture does your smile need?

Do You Have FAQs About Dental Bridges?

When a patient comes to us with one or more missing teeth we will recommend a prosthetic, such as a dental bridge. Replacing a missing tooth can improve the health and appearance of the smile. Do you have questions about dental bridges? Do they look natural? Who qualifies for them?

Are Dentures Natural Looking?

If you suffer from tooth loss, then you need to talk to your dentist about a possible solution. Otherwise, you could develop complications that impact everything from your appearance to your ability to eat. Fortunately, we can provide a set of natural looking dentures, including full and partials.

Does Your Smile Need A Crown?

We can use restorative dentistry to improve the function and overall health of a tooth or teeth. In fact, with one form of restoration we can completely change the tooth’s shape and color. We can also address a number of problems, both restorative and cosmetic. Does your smile need a crown? What does placement involve… Read more »

Do You Need Full Or Partial Dentures?

With dental bridges or single tooth dental implants, you typically replace one lost tooth at a time. However, what if you are missing multiple teeth? Advanced tooth loss can often be addressed with dentures. We offer multiple options for addressing advanced tooth loss. Do you need full or partial dentures to enjoy a whole smile… Read more »

Why Do We Sometimes Need Extractions?

You may assume that as dental professionals, our job is to preserve teeth, not remove them. However, while we strive to ensure your smile remains healthy and whole, sometimes the best option for your smile is to remove a tooth. Why do we sometimes need extractions? Tooth removal may be necessary to prevent the spread… Read more »

Do You Need A Bridge Or Dental Implant?

We want to help ensure our patients enjoy healthy smiles, which means addressing problems that arise, such as tooth loss. Missing teeth can have a negative impact on the health of your smile. Fortunately, we can replace your lost teeth with a prosthetic, such as a bridge or implant. Do you need a bridge or… Read more »

How Do Dental Implants Work?

If you have lost a tooth then you may feel a little self-conscious about your appearance. In addition, you may also develop a number of oral health complications related to tooth loss. In order to enjoy a whole and healthy smile again you should discuss our tooth replacement options, such as dental implants. How do… Read more »

Do You Need A Crown Or Filling?

Our teeth are coated in a protective layer of enamel. Not only is this the hardest substance in the human body, but only diamonds are tougher than tooth enamel. However, our teeth can still become damaged or undergo decay/infection. Without treatment, you may eventually risk losing the tooth altogether. Do you need a crown or… Read more »