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Dental Crowns in Garland, TX: Just the Basics

Placing dental crowns, a common restorative dental procedure, takes less time, results in a more natural appearance, and uses more durable, modern materials to achieve results far superior to those in previous decades. Dr. Vi Mai, who offers dental crowns in Garland, TX, believes you should not have to choose between functional and aesthetically pleasing… Read more »

Are You Down With the Crown?

Of all facial expressions, none are so powerful and immediately recognizable as your smile. If you’ve lost your tooth, or a large part of it, smiling freely proves more difficult. On one hand, you don’t want others to perceive you as standoff-ish, but at the same time you don’t want them to see your broken… Read more »

Dental Crowns at Mai Dentistry

  In the past, patients with broken or decayed teeth had few treatment options. Most of the time, dentist would perform extractions, leaving a noticeable gap in the patient’s grin. Fortunately, a lot has changed since those days. Today, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai, who offers dental crowns in Garland, TX, assures you that extraction is no… Read more »

You Won’t Believe These Jaw-Dropping World Records!

When we discuss dental fillings with our patients, most automatically assume that we’re talking about cavities. Actually, fillings serve many purposes. In addition to treating cavities, composite resin fillings also provide support for teeth that have been worn down or chipped. Unlike metal, composite resin creates a subtle, natural tooth structure and is safe for… Read more »

Your Crowning Glory: Dental Crowns Restore Smiles

Dr. Truong-Mai’s patients who need dental crowns in Garland TX have multiple options. You will receive individualized treatment during your appointment, during which we help you select the best material for your crown. We offer durable metal crowns, which work best for molars. If you require crowns on your front teeth, you may benefit from… Read more »