Why Do We Sometimes Need Extractions?

mai extractionYou may assume that as dental professionals, our job is to preserve teeth, not remove them. However, while we strive to ensure your smile remains healthy and whole, sometimes the best option for your smile is to remove a tooth. Why do we sometimes need extractions? Tooth removal may be necessary to prevent the spread of infection or to avoid painful impaction of wisdom teeth.


4 Tips For Keeping Your Smile Bright

mai bright smileHave you currently undergone a professional teeth whitening procedure? Investing in the health and beauty of your smile is a wonderful thing. However, won’t your teeth just become stained again? While discoloration can’t be avoided completely, with the right steps you can significantly reduce the severity of future stains and allow your results to remain brighter for longer periods of time.


When Do We Need Emergency Care?

mai emergencyWhen it comes to your smile, when do you need emergency care? A dental emergency refers to any trauma or damage to the teeth or gums. We recommend seeing you as soon as possible to address the problem in a timely manner, for both your health and appearance’s sake. However, should the issue be potentially life threatening we urge you to instead proceed to the nearest emergency room or to call 911.


Know More About Tooth Loss

know more about tooth lossLosing a tooth can lead to serious consequences for your oral health, even if the tooth is in the back of your mouth and isn’t noticeable. The good news is that modern dental prostheses can help you regain your smile and quality of life following tooth loss. The better news is that, despite its common occurrence, tooth loss is highly preventable, and you have a better chance of preserving your natural smile the more you know about tooth loss. (more…)