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How Do You Address Emergency Situations?

mai-emergencyWe consider a dental emergency to include any non-life threatening pain or injury to your teeth or gums. When such a situation arises, you should see us right away. Otherwise, complications could develop that further threaten your oral health. Fortunately, we can address these situations and even offer advice on addressing discomfort prior to seeing our team.

Cracked or Damaged Teeth

If you injure your tooth don’t ignore the issue, give us a call. While chips or breaks are obvious, dental fractures may be practically invisible to the naked eye. When you injure a tooth schedule an appointment so we can examine it. If you chip a tooth, try to gather up any pieces of the tooth you can and bring them with you. You can apply a cold compress to the side of the face to reduce swelling and use gauze to stem any bleeding. Once in the office, we may repair your tooth using a lifelike dental crown or possibly dental bonding.

Missing Teeth

If a tooth is knocked out completely, act fast. First, pick up the tooth by the crown (never touch the roots). Rinse away dirt and dust under running water, but take care not to remove any tissue. Place the tooth back into the socket or into a glass of milk, then bring the tooth with you to the office. Again, a cold compress can reduce swelling and gauze can be used to control any bleeding.

Aching Teeth

If your tooth suddenly begins to ache, let us know. While some toothaches can be caused by sinus issues or changes in air pressure (such as a recent plane ride), other times a fracture or cavity can be the cause. We can examine the tooth and if necessary, repair it using a white filling or dental bonding.

Dr. Mai and her team provide excellent patient care to prevent dental conditions from developing. We monitor your smile with checkups and regular cleanings incorporating advanced technology.
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