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Do Cracked Teeth Need Crowns?

mai-cracked-toothIn the past, we’ve blogged about how dental bonding and other treatment options can repair chipped teeth. But what about dental fractures? Often less noticeable and in some cases, more serious, a dental fracture requires immediate treatment to help protect the tooth from complications. Do cracked teeth need crowns? Will your tooth also require endodontic treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixing Cracked Teeth

Question: What causes a fractured tooth?

Answer: A sports injury, fall, or even biting down on a particularly hard piece of food can cause a tooth to become fractured. In some cases, the damage may be practically invisible to the naked eye, so if your tooth suffers an impact we suggest seeing your dentist just in case.

Question: How does the doctor treat the problem?

Answer: Once we identify the presence of a fracture, we will decide what treatment is needed. In some cases, an endodontic procedure (root canal) may be necessary, as a fracture can expose the sensitive inner tooth structures and increase the risk of an infection. After the root canal, we will place a crown.

Question: How are crowns placed?

Answer: We first prepare the tooth by removing structure and taking a detailed impression. A dental lab will then use the impression to create a restoration. Once complete, we will place it on the tooth using a powerful bonding agent.

Question: Will my restoration look natural?

Answer: Yes. We often use ceramic to create our restorations. Ceramic is a strong and lifelike material that can withstand powerful bite forces and blend with your smile. If you have any questions about our restorations or about repairing damaged teeth, then please contact our office today. We can help restore your tooth to full function and health once again.


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