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Dental Crowns in Garland, TX: Just the Basics

Dental crowns in Garland, TXPlacing dental crowns, a common restorative dental procedure, takes less time, results in a more natural appearance, and uses more durable, modern materials to achieve results far superior to those in previous decades. Dr. Vi Mai, who offers dental crowns in Garland, TX, believes you should not have to choose between functional and aesthetically pleasing dentistry.

Dental Crowns Then and Now

We commonly use dental crowns to reinforce a tooth that has sustained severe damage to the point that it cannot function as intended. The tooth may not grind your food, or it may interfere with normal speech. In the past, dentists used gold, silver, and other metals to create fillings. Unfortunately, these materials often contained mercury or caused irritation in patients who have metal allergies. While durable, metals were hardly discrete and could be seen whenever the mouth was open.  They served their purpose by restoring the tooth rather than extracting it, but did little else.

Modern Materials for Dental Crowns

Metal amalgam, though not commonly used these days, still works well for damaged back teeth, as they are not as conspicuous when the patient opens his or her mouth. Another option, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, offers the durability of metal and the attractiveness of porcelain, making them ideal for subtly treating back teeth. When teeth near the front and sides of the mouth require dental crowns, Dr. Mai most frequently uses porcelain. This creates an extremely natural appearance, and these teeth do not endure as much force and wear as your back teeth.

Dental Crowns are Highly Versatile

Dr. Mai uses dental crowns for several purposes. If you have chipped, fractured, or cracked your teeth, a crown reinforces the damaged structure, making them ideal for patients who have sustained dental trauma, such as with sports injuries or car accidents. Teeth that have been badly compromised by tooth decay and infection also benefit from the support afforded by crowns. When decay is to blame, Dr. Mai must first remove the debris and infected tissue from the tooth, a procedure called a root canal treatment. After removing the tissue, she cements the crown in place. If you have dental implants but have lost the replacement tooth that attaches to the surgical post, you may require a dental crown.

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