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Dental Contouring for Fixing Smiles

SmileGuyIf you are embarrassed about major gaps, stains, chips, and cracks in your teeth, there are certain dental procedures such as porcelain veneers, crowns, dental bonding, and even orthodontic appliances which may be necessary. However, sometimes the cosmetic dental needs of a patient are minor, and require only slight changes to achieve the desired look. In these instances tooth reshaping, or dental contouring is a great non-invasive option. Abrasives are used to shave off only small amounts of tooth enamel in a dental contouring procedure. Reshaping the teeth in this way may be a preliminary step before applying composite-resin for dental bonding, or may be the final step for you. Garland, TX dentist, Dr. Vi Mai would like to tell you more about the process of dental contouring.

Dental Contouring: The Pros

Dental contouring for your smile offers you a terrific way to erase those little flaws in your smile that bother you. A relatively conservative approach, contouring is not terribly involved or time consuming. The cost and commitment is relatively low compared to some other cosmetic dental procedures. In terms of your dental health, reshaping teeth helps avoid future decay because of the smoothing out of cracks, chips, and overlaps that might create great hiding places for bacteria.

Dental Contouring: The Cons

Every case is different, but there are disadvantages to reshaping your teeth. If you are thinking of opting for dental contouring, consider that some patients report tooth sensitivity as a side effect of the procedure. Many dentists are inexperienced with the procedure and are thus overzealous when shaving off tooth enamel. Make sure the cosmetic dentist you select has a proven track record. If too much of your tooth enamel is removed, teeth are prone to chipping, cracking, and breaking in the future. Dental contouring is not likely to be extremely dramatic, so make sure that you’re realistic with your appearance changing goals.

Dental Contouring from Garland, TX Dentist

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