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Garland, TX General Dentist Discusses Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

baby with juiceIf you have a brand-new baby at-home, take care to read this article—it covers the topic of baby bottle tooth decay. Your Garland, TX general dentist, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai explains what baby bottle tooth decay is and how to prevent the ailment from happening to your little one.

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is a common dental ailment amongst infants. This problem stems from children who nap or sleep with bottles filled with either juice, formula, or breast milk. Milk and juice each contain traces of sugar. Regardless of whether or not the sugar is natural, the excess of sugar upon the gum line starts to cause decay on baby teeth.

When babies falls asleep with a bottle in their mouths, the milk or juice leaves a sugary film on the gum line. This film is able to seep into the gums and affect baby teeth even before those erupt. Rather than allowing the child to fall asleep with the bottle, feed them before their established bed time. Then, give the baby water to flush out their mouths. These simple precautionary measures can help protect your child’s smile against the effects of tooth decay.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

  1. Avoid sharing food items with your baby, this includes eating from their feeding spoon. Also, after feeding time is over, take care to wipe their mouths with a damp washcloth or even a gauze pad.
  2. After the eruption of the first baby tooth, start cleaning your child’s teeth with an infant toothbrush and water. Before using any type of toothpaste, consult with your Garland, TX general dentist.
  3. Don’t allow your baby to fall asleep with a milk bottle in their mouths. If the child needs a bottle to fall asleep, fill the bottle with water and let them suckle on that instead. Furthermore, use bottles for water, formula, or breast milk only.
  4. For children who sleep with a pacifier, make sure its been cleaned. Dipping the pacifier sugar or honey can also cause baby bottle tooth decay.

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For more information about baby bottle tooth decay and your child’s oral health, consult with Dr. Mai. She can evaluate your baby’s mouth to check for signs of baby bottle tooth decay. To schedule an appointment with your Garland, TX general dentist, call us at (972) 530-0552. Also, visit our website to view services, print patient forms, and to read more about our team. We look forward to treating patients from Garland, Richardson, Plano, Sachse, Rowlett, and surrounding cities.

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