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Garland, TX Dentist Discusses Pacifiers and Your Baby

babyThe pacifier is sometimes considered a savior for mothers. Using a pacifier can miraculously calm a baby, lull them to sleep, or just keep them busy for a little while. Yet, as handy a pacifier is, some drawbacks do exist from frequently using one. To explain both the positives and the negatives of using a pacifier, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai, your Garland, TX dentist provides this information.

The Pros and Cons of Using Pacifiers


  • Pacifiers soothe and calm babies to end their fussiness.
  • During situations that may cause your baby to feel uncomfortable, using a pacifier can distract them enough to make the experience less daunting. This includes getting shots or having blood tests.
  • For babies who have a hard time napping, pacifiers oftentimes help them go to sleep. Additionally, the use of pacifiers at nap time, reduces the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome (or SIDS).
  • Babies don’t have the capability to pop their ears during flight; however, sucking on a pacifier helps equalize the pressure changes.


  • Future dental issues. Allowing your child to use a pacifier from infancy until they’re toddlers won’t pose many dental issues; however, using a pacifier beyond that time period can start to affect the way their adult teeth erupt. The result may produce outwardly slanted teeth, which will requires orthodontic treatment for proper correction.
  • Ear infections. Studies have shown that children who use pacifiers past the age of six months become more susceptible to developing middle ear infections. Since many parents allow their children to use a pacifier until they’re at least a year old, this becomes an issue. To alleviate this problem, limit the times when your child can use their pacifier. For example, use it strictly when they’re fussy or as they sleep.
  • Dependency. Though pacifiers can sometimes seem like a lifesaver, your child can become dependent upon its use. As aforementioned, your Garland, TX dentist recommends limiting the times when the pacifier is in use.

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