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Garland, TX Dentist Says Kids Can Wear Partial Dentures

kiddosDid you know that kids can wear partial dentures if they have endured premature tooth loss? In fact, many dentists recommend using childhood partials to ensure the child’s adult teeth come in properly. Dr. Vi Truong-Mai, your Garland, TX dentist talks about partial dentures for kids.

Tooth Loss Amongst Children

Losing baby teeth is a commonality amongst grade school aged children; however, occasionally, kids lose those baby teeth before it’s time. In most instances, the teeth have been knocked out during playtime activities, and sometimes the loss stems from decay. Regardless of reason, though, your kiddo can have his or her smile repaired with a partial dentures.

While partials tend to go to adults who have endured partial tooth loss, kids can have these tooth replacements, too. Just like with adult partials, your Garland, TX dentist takes impressions of your child’s teeth. Then, the doctor sends the molds to a lab for manufacturing. During a subsequent visit, the dentist places the partials in place by bonding the pieces to anchoring teeth. Though the process seems more placing a dental bridge, the differing factor comes from the lack of preparation on the anchoring teeth. Since baby teeth anchor the partials in place, the tooth replacement will fall out when the child loses said primary teeth.

Caring for Their Partial Dentures

Shortly after placing the partials, your child may complain about the placement. Having the newly added dental restoration will seem foreign and uncomfortable; yet, these feelings subside rather quickly. To care for the partials, parents should follow these care instructions.

  • Don’t allow your child to touch the partials post-placement since the bond isn’t quite set.
  • Avoid giving your kiddo sticky and chewy foods as this could dislodge the partial or cause it to break. Moreover, eating foods, such as apples and jerky place great amounts of pressure upon the partials. Rather than giving them the entire piece, cut those foods into smaller bits.
  • Maintain a regular teeth cleaning regimen. Partials can still accumulate plaque and other other oral bacteria, which stains the material and may irritate their gum line.

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