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Garland, TX Family Dentist Discusses Types of Bites

correcting a biteBefore anyone undergoes orthodontic treatment, a dentist must evaluate the state of your mouth. During this examination, the doctor is able to determine your misalignment issues and what type of bite (or malocclusion) you have. In fact, the severity of the bite is oftentimes the cause of crooked teeth.

In the following article, Dr. Vi Truong-Mai, your Garland, TX family dentist, explains the varying types of bites patients tend to have.

Do You Have One of These Bites?

  • Crossbite. A crossbite is a malocclusion that causes teeth to appear in almost an “X” type of shape. Usually, one or more of the upper teeth fit inside of the lower teeth. This bite can affect either the right or left side.
    Furthermore, this type of bite tends to cause the most damage to teeth and the jaw since the teeth fit together at such a strange angle. For patients with crossbites, the dentist recommends orthodontic treatment right away to avoid further dental or jaw damage.
  • Overbite. Having an overbite is one of the more common malocclusions, next to the underbite. Patients with severe overbites have a protruding upper jaw and that overlaps the lower jaw. Typically, someone with an overbite can’t see their bottom incisors without opening their mouths.
    Additionally, overbites tend to cause damage to the alveolar ridge since the bottom teeth make frequent contact with those soft tissues.
  • Underbite. As aforementioned, the underbite is just as common as an overbite. However, this bite causes the lower jaw to protrude past the front teeth. More often than not, those who have underbites had greater lower jaw growth than upper jaw growth. Patients who have more severe cases of underbites must wear the infamous headgear. With nightly use of headgear, upper jaw growth is stimulated, while lower jaw growth is stunted to correct the malocclusion.
  • Openbite. Kids who sucked their fingers throughout their childhoods may end up having an openbite. An openbite is just as it sounds—teeth appear open at all times. This places a great deal of stress upon back teeth since that portion of the mouth is only one that makes constant contact. To reduce the amount of wear upon your first and second molars, your Garland, TX family dentist recommends correcting this bite as soon as possible.

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