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How Do Veneers Enhance Smiles?

We’ve covered many of our cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening and bonding and contouring. However, we have another popular option that can enhance smiles in as little as two visits: porcelain veneers. Using thin shells of porcelain, we can address a variety of problems with a tooth’s shape and color.

We Can Brighten Your Smile With Take-Home Trays

We understand how important a bright smile is for our patients. In order to remove discoloration, we’re proud to offer a system patients can use from the comfort of their own homes. We can brighten your smile with a set of take-home trays, helping you enjoy beautiful and stain-free teeth.

Can You Correct Cosmetic Issues In One Visit?

Last week, we briefly went over many of our cosmetic procedures. Today, we would like to take a closer look at two unique procedures that can reshape and improve the appearance of the teeth. With bonding and contouring, we have the ability to often correct common cosmetic issues in a one visit.

What Cosmetic Treatments Do You Offer?

We use cosmetic dentistry to target areas of your smile that cause embarrassment, such as teeth stains or even misshapen teeth. We have a variety of different procedures, some of which can address multiple concerns. What cosmetic treatments do we offer? Which ones are right for you?

Do You Need Veneers?

Last week we took a look at two of our common cosmetic treatments, bonding and whitening. But what if there was a procedure that could accomplish everything those procedures can and more? Porcelain veneers can improve the beauty of your teeth by completely transforming their appearance. Do you need veneers?

Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

Do you have unsightly brown or yellow stains on your teeth? We understand how embarrassing stained teeth can be. To address this common esthetic concern, we offer two very unique professional whitening systems. Do you need teeth whitening? Which procedure will best address your discoloration?

FAQs: What Is Bonding And Contouring?

We offer a number of cosmetic treatments and lifelike metal-free restorations to improve the appearance, function, and health of your smile. However, with two unique cosmetic treatments, we can address several common esthetic issues in just one visit. What is bonding and contouring? Are these procedures right for you?

Does Your Tooth Need A Veneer?

We’ve discussed how bonding, contouring, and even dental crowns can restore a damaged tooth. However, we offer another cosmetic option: porcelain veneers. With this restoration, we can reshape teeth and mask common esthetics complains. Does your tooth need a veneer?

Do You Want A Brighter Smile In 2017?

Would you like a brighter smile in 2017? If you would like to start the new year with a new smile, then give us call. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, including professional teeth whitening, to help remove discoloration and brighten smiles by multiple shades. We want you to enjoy a gorgeous smile you… Read more »

How Does Bonding And Contouring Work?

When a tooth becomes damaged we always urge the patient to see us right away. We believe that treating the issue quickly is the key to avoiding complications, such as decay or possibly an infection. In order to restore a tooth, we may suggest bonding and contouring. How does bonding and contouring work?