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A Gentle Approach To Tooth Extraction

Garland, TX dentist offers tooth extractions to save your smile

In most cases, your dentist will do their best to avoid removing any of your teeth unless it is necessary. Decay can be treated with a filling or root canal therapy, and damage can be restored with a crown. However, if an infection or injury is too severe, it may be more beneficial to have it extracted. This can seem like an intimidating procedure, but Dr. Mai and her team in Garland, TX, are here to help make this process as comfortable as possible for you.

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When A Removal Is Necessary

Extracting a tooth may be deemed necessary if it is severely damaged, infected, or impacted. In some cases, they may remove one of your pearly whites before orthodontic services to make the alignment process easier. Our wisdom teeth are often removed because they can cause discomfort and are not necessary to the function of your oral cavity. If your dentist decides that this is a necessary procedure, they will let you know and help guide you through the process. Simple tooth extractions can be done in our office, but we will refer our patients to an oral surgeon for more complicated cases.

What To Expect During This Procedure

First, the area will be numbed for your comfort. Your sedation options will depend on the invasiveness of the removal and your own needs. A simple tooth extraction will not require the same sedation level used for wisdom teeth removal. Remember to have a friend of a family member take you to and from this appointment, as anesthesia effects may take some time to wear off after the appointment.

Once the sedation has been set, a small incision will be made, and the tooth will gently be removed. You may feel some pressure, but it should not cause discomfort. Then, the area will be cleaned and closed. After the appointment, eat soft foods and avoid smoking tobacco.

Will I Have A Gap In My Smile?

Before having prosthetics placed, the area will need to heal. If the tooth that was removed is visible, your dentist may discuss replacement options with you. Depending on your oral health and the severity of loss, you may be able to receive a bridge, denture, or even an implant. It is important to replace missing teeth because leaving a gap in your smile can cause your jawbone to weaken and potentially cause further bone loss. Your third molars will not need to be replaced because these are not essential to the function of your smile.

Do You Need A Tooth Removed?

If your dentist has told you an extraction is necessary, do not delay this treatment. To schedule an appointment at Mai Dental in Garland, TX, call us at (972) 530-0552.

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