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We would love to help you schedule a checkup and cleaning now, before your holiday season becomes too hectic, and before your benefits expire! In today’s blog, your Garland, TX, dentist wants to talk about what to expect from your checkup and cleaning, and how these visits benefit kids and adults alike. Regular visits can help you enjoy your best possible smile!

The Checkup Process

Babies, toddlers, teens, and grownups all benefit from having their teeth examined and cleaned twice a year, once every six months. When you sit down, we will take a close visible exam, and also implement digital x-rays and intraoral cameras for more detailed images. These images will be available right away chairside, so we can walk you through the diagnostic process. You then gain a better understanding of what is happening with your smile. If we uncover issues, we can offer treatment before you experience discomfort, or before complications threaten the health of your smile. You should see us twice a year, but also let us know if you experience toothaches, bleeding, gums, or other persistent discomforts.

Cleaning Your Teeth

During the same visit, we will also thoroughly clean your teeth. The procedure involves the use of an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool to gently break up and remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth. For people of all ages, this helps lower the risk of bad breath, stained teeth, tooth decay, and even gingivitis and gum disease. If you have high risk factors for gum disease, then you may need a visit like this every three to four months. Brushing and flossing is vital, but not enough to thoroughly remove buildup and safeguard your smile.

Dental Benefits and More

You should schedule your last checkup and cleaning visit of 2021 now if you already haven’t. When you see us now, you have a chance to use your remaining dental insurance benefits or health savings funds before they expire at the end of December. You can also undergo any necessary treatments before the holiday season makes your schedule too hectic. If you have any questions about our procedures, or about your coverage, then contact our team today. We’re happy to help navigate you through this process, and ensure that your family starts 2021 with stronger and healthier smiles!


If you would like to schedule your preventive visit soon, then please schedule a consultation today by contacting Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX at (972)-530-0552. You can also find our practice at 6850 N Shiloh Rd, Suite C Garland, TX 75044‎. We offer care for the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest, and look forward to seeing you soon!


Dr. Mai and her team provide excellent patient care to prevent dental conditions from developing. We monitor your smile with checkups and regular cleanings incorporating advanced technology.
To treat and transform your smile, we can offer fillings and crowns to restore your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty.
We want to help your smile shine with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and one-visit bonding and contouring procedures.
Our advanced dental technology allows us to provide you with less-intrusive, more precise care.