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What Denture Does Your Smile Need?

While a bridge can replace between one and three missing teeth, sometimes a patient suffers from more serious cases of adult tooth loss. For those missing most of their teeth, or all of them, a more substantial prosthetic is necessary. What kind of denture does your smile need?


A partial can address multiple missing teeth that are spread out across the arch. The prosthetic contains an acrylic base that can mimic the look of natural gum tissue. The replacement teeth, or pontics, will be made from a lifelike porcelain. Metal clasps will attach to the natural teeth, anchoring the new ones in place. You can help prevent the misalignment, difficult eating, problems speaking clearly that often accompanies multiple missing teeth.


A full replaces all of the teeth on either one or both arches. The prosthetic also has a base made from acrylic, as well as a full row of natural looking teeth made from strong and lifelike porcelain. The denture will be held in place with natural suction, or possibly the assistance of a special adhesive. Restoring your missing teeth can help you eat a greater variety of food, speak without difficulty, and smile without embarrassment.


A removable prosthetic lasts between five and ten years before requiring replacement or adjustment. This is due to the mouth changing shape. However, since dental implants help stimulate the growth of jawbone structure, an implant-retained denture can last for decades, potentially a lifetime. Instead of relying on suction or adhesives, multiple dental implants will be place that the denture is attached to, fixing the denture in place firmly. If you have any questions or concerns about restoring lost teeth, then please contact our office today. We can help you enjoy a full and functional smile that looks beautiful and reflects your unique facial structure.


At Vi Mai-Truong, DDS, we can provide a prosthetic to help address advanced tooth loss. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese. To schedule an appointment, call our Garland, TX office today at (972) 530-0552.


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