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Do You Need A Filling?

maifillingDo you have an aching tooth? If so, then you may have a cavity. Without treatment, this seemingly minor issue could threaten the health and stability of your tooth. In order to treat the problem we may recommend a dental filling. Do you need a filling? Do you have decay that requires treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Fillings

Question: What causes tooth decay?

Answer: Our teeth develop cavities when bacteria reach the inner tooth structure. Our teeth of course have a protective layer of enamel to prevent this, but this layer can become weakened as a result of poor oral hygiene or a chip/crack in the tooth structure.

Question: How do I know if I have a cavity?

Answer: You will notice discomfort in your tooth. In the early stages you may experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. As the decay progresses you may notice a persistent toothache. Without treatment the bacteria may eventually reach the inner pulp can cause an infection, which leads to greater discomfort and a risk of possibly losing a tooth.

Question: How does a filling work?

Answer: The process involves placing a special material into the exposed cavity, restoring the tooth. The procedure begins with the doctor removing decay and possibly etching the tooth to help the material better adhere to the structure. The material is a metal-free composite that blends with the tooth. After placing the composite, the tooth will be cured with a light, the entire procedure completed in a single visit.

Question: What if the decay is severe?

Answer: In the event the cavity is more advanced you may require a dental crown, which fits over the entire tooth structure. The crown repairs the tooth and helps prevent the risk of future tooth decay. If you have any questions about repairing decayed teeth or our dental fillings then contact our office today.

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