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Dentures Q&A

smileblondebobHave friends or family members mentioned to you that dentures may make a wonderful solution for your tooth loss but your ideas of this dental prosthetic make you think you would gladly choose anything else to solve your concerns? We recognize that patients often have negative preconceived notions about this teeth replacement solution. To address this problem and hopefully change your mind, we are presenting you with common questions and accompanying answers regarding what to expect from full and partial dentures.

Questions and Answers About Dentures

Question: What’s the difference between full and partial dentures?

Answer: Full dentures replace a complete arch of missing teeth. You may wear one denture on the top or bottom of your mouth. Or, you may wear both top and bottom dentures together to replace an entire mouth of missing teeth. Partial dentures replace several missing teeth on your top or bottom arch — you may wear them independently or together.

Question: What are dentures, exactly?

Answer: Both full and partial dentures are removable dental prosthetics meant to restore your smile by replacing teeth. They are made out of lightweight, high-grade acrylic, mimicking the appearance of gum tissue and your teeth. Full dentures will rely solely on the natural suction in your mouth. Partial dentures will rely partially on suction – they will also come with clasps that fit securely over remaining natural teeth.

Question: Won’t everyone notice that I’m wearing dentures?

Answer: Whether you choose full or partial dentures, you will simply look like you have a beautiful smile. Thanks to modern technology, dentures take on a sleek, streamlined, natural appearance. We will custom-make the denture to fit your mouth and complement your features.

Question: What kinds of benefits can I expect?

Answer: Dentures provide you with the following: improved self-confidence thanks to your restored smile, they replace the structural support to your lower face that your teeth once provided, you will be able to chew successfully again, and you will enjoy articulate speaking.


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