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Tooth Loss from Periodontal Disease?

Cover MouthWhen periodontal disease wreaks havoc on your teeth and gums, you are at risk for serious infection, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. Once a tooth is lost, there can be a domino effect of continuing tooth loss, one after the other. Why? This is a result of jawbone diminishment, and probably the only way to surely stop this process is to opt for dental implants. However, other dental replacement options are possible to at least offer cosmetic results as well as maintain proper spacing with remaining teeth. Once a tooth is lost, the best plan of action is to see a dentist immediately in order to figure out the treatment plan which is right for you.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease begins when bacteria in dental plaque irritates the gums and then affects the tissue and bone that support the teeth. When left untreated, or in very advanced stages, the tissues and bone that support the teeth become even more inflamed and then start to break down, separate from the teeth, and in severe cases, cause the teeth to fall out or require extraction. If this occurs, jawbone loss is a major risk. To protect yourself from gum disease, practice quality at-home oral hygiene, see your dentist for biannual dental cleanings and exams, and avoid a diet high in sugar and acid.


Although dentures, dental bridges, and other restorative procedures restore appearance and function to a smile, most are not designed to mimic a natural tooth’s ability to simulate the jawbone. Unless a denture is held in place by dental implants that are embedded in the jaw, these restorations simply rest on top of the gum tissue and therefore have the same effect that missing teeth have on the jawbone. With nothing to stimulate the tissues, your jawbone will simply deteriorate and put you at risk for further health problems.

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