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A Friday Quiz on Root Canal Procedures

Quiz CubesHave you ever had a root canal procedure? Would you be worried if you heard from your dentist that you needed one? This restorative procedure falls under the specialty of endodontics, but root canals are actually a lot simpler and less invasive than people think. Challenge yourself to a fun Friday quiz to find out what you know about root canals.


Q1. True or false: A root canal is a part of your dental anatomy; not an actual procedure.

Q2. True or false: Root canal infections are a result of poor oral hygiene.

Q3. True or false: Root canal procedures are similar in process to fillings.


A1. TRUE – Your root canals are inside the dentin of your teeth which make up the bulk of what you see when you smile. Branching from just below the crowns into your dental pulp are canals leading to where your actual roots live. Dental pulp is comprised of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues.  There are roots and canals in every single tooth – one to four of these narrow passages inside each. When infection is present, you don’t actually get a “root canal” as the treatment is commonly referred to, but you are likely to receive a root canal treatment.

A2. TRUE – At least much of the time, anyway. When tooth enamel becomes damaged from improper hygiene and nerves are exposed, infection in the roots can occur. When this state is caught in time, your dentist will recommend a root canal procedure to avoid an abscess and potential loss of your tooth. Root canals are sometimes used to treat dental trauma, as well.

A3. TRUE – Though many people fear root canals as something horrible to avoid at all costs, they are not much more invasive than a simple filling. The diseased tissue has to be removed. The pulp area is disinfected and root canals are reshaped to keep your teeth healthy. A custom-made crown is eventually affixed tightly over your tooth to give you an impenetrable barrier that will offer the form and function of a natural tooth.

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