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Regular Checkups Maintain Your Clean Teeth

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Preventing oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease is a task that requires the discipline of a daily oral hygiene routine. While brushing and flossing your teeth each day removes bacterial deposits that create these oral threats, regularly visiting your dentist is necessary to provide a professional look at the efficacy of your efforts. Skipping your semi-annual visit can result in a cavity going unchecked even while you continue to brush on a regular schedule. In addition to discovering problems you cannot observe on your own, your dentist has the tools to remove tartar deposits that your brush cannot on its own.

At your Garland, TX dental practice, we focus on preventing and treating problems with your teeth before they grow in scope. By visiting our practice regularly, you gain peace of mind knowing your smile is well taken care of. If it has been a while since your last visit, let us know and we will put you on an appointment schedule as soon as possible!

Your Dental Care Provider Is Your Partner In Maintaining Healthy Smiles

When you visit the dentist for a routine checkup, you enjoy various benefits for your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. Making the habit of attending on a semiannual basis helps you strengthen your teeth over the course of a lifetime. Each examination provides the opportunity to discover where your hygiene at home may fall short. By discussing your problem areas with your dentist, you can alter your daily behavior to benefit your smile.

If decay creates a cavity within the surface of a tooth, we can create a plan to restore its strength. Modern materials allow a dental filling to match the natural shade of your teeth to blend in with the rest of your smile.

Regular Preventive Care Pays Dividends For Your Oral Health

Left untreated, bacterial film on the surface of your teeth can cause serious damage to your oral health. Bacteria combines with debris from your meals to form a plaque that can quickly erode the enamel of your teeth. By practicing daily brushing and flossing, you can remove most plaque before it hardens into dental calculus. When bacterial deposits reach this stage, only your dentist can help you remove them.

Talk To Your Garland, TX Dentist About Receiving Preventive Care For Healthy Teeth

Our practice is here for your routine cleanings and examinations, so reach a member of our team to learn more about how your semiannual checkup serves to benefit you! To learn more, or to schedule your next appointment, call our Garland, TX office today at (972) 530-0552. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese.

Dr. Mai and her team provide excellent patient care to prevent dental conditions from developing. We monitor your smile with checkups and regular cleanings incorporating advanced technology.
To treat and transform your smile, we can offer fillings and crowns to restore your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty.
We want to help your smile shine with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and one-visit bonding and contouring procedures.
Our advanced dental technology allows us to provide you with less-intrusive, more precise care.