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Energize Your Life With New Porcelain Veneers

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Our teeth can become damaged or worn due to a variety of reasons. Physical trauma is always possible, as we are constantly using our mouths to chew and to speak. A slight miscalculation when chewing something can leave your enamel with a chip that looks and feels ungainly. This situation can become dangerous to the future of your smile as well. If this damage goes beyond your enamel, your tooth could become at risk of painful infection or sensitivity.

Porcelain veneers can help to repair instances of broken enamel. This process is also helpful in the cosmetic improvement of smiles. These durable translucent ceramic caps replace your existing natural enamel and therefore have a positive application in multiple instances of damage. If you struggle with dental erosion from physical trauma or erosion, speak with Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX about how we can help you to renew your enamel and achieve a lasting beauty!

How Porcelain Veneers Repair Your Damaged Enamel

The development of porcelain veneers as an enamel restoration solution began nearly a hundred years ago. Los Angeles dentist Dr. Charles Pincus was employed to create special effects teeth for a movie production. He utilized porcelain for the medium. While this was never meant to last, it was remarkably similar to our natural dental matter.

Over the following decades, this process has become a refined solution to uneven and damaged tooth material. For a Hollywood smile, look to porcelain veneers as a helpful method of achieving a stunning result.

Bring Balance And Cohesiveness To Your Smile

When we suffer damage or extensive wear in a certain location, we may begin to use another area of the mouth more. This can then lead to overuse in that area. Restoring balance to your jaw can help you to properly spread stress among your teeth in a way that does not cause undue wear.

Cosmetically, an even smile appears neater as well. Take the new year by storm by planning your oral improvement using porcelain veneers. Restore your confidence or even bring it to new heights!

Renewing Professional Smiles In Garland, TX

A dazzling smile can help you achieve more in your social and professional lives. Take charge of your life with a porcelain veneer solution and invest in your future. Reach out to Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX at (972)-530-0552 to learn more about how enamel improvement can help you to have a gorgeous new set of teeth without the removal of your natural material. Reinforce your existing teeth through durable veneers that can last!

Dr. Mai and her team provide excellent patient care to prevent dental conditions from developing. We monitor your smile with checkups and regular cleanings incorporating advanced technology.
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We want to help your smile shine with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and one-visit bonding and contouring procedures.
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