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The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

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Our team employs advanced technology, such as digital x-rays, in the diagnosis of your smile and as part of treatment planning. But did you know we also have a technology to offer comfortable treatment for issues like canker sores? In today’s blog, your Garland, TX, dentist talks about laser dentistry!

The Dental Laser

A dental laser employs a concentrated beam of light that allows us to treat a variety of oral health issues with precision and accuracy. These can be calibrated for hard and soft tissue applications, and provide a number of benefits for our patients. When possible, we will use these in place of a scalpel and sutures, especially for soft tissue applications in the gums and oral structures of the smile.

Benefits for Your Smile

A dental laser targets an area with precision, preventing damage to healthy surrounding tissues. This also cauterizes the area in the process, which means no need for sutures, and the risk of bleeding, infection, and swelling is significantly reduced when compared to traditional scalpels and sutures. In fact, treatment rarely requires the use of anesthesia at all! Our team can employ this technology to help halt the progression of cold sores, shrinking and bringing immediate relief. Likewise, we can use them to treat ulcers in the inside of the mouth. This reduces the size of the sore and allows it to heal quickly, again bringing relief. In addition, we can use the technology to perform gum contouring procedure, a cosmetic treatment that removes excess tissues and reshapes the gum line to bring symmetry to the smile, so you can enjoy an attractive appearance and avoid a gummy smile. For those with periodontal disease, we can remove diseased tissue with precision, and allow healthy tissues to adhere to the teeth. The disease can be easily managed with traditional cleanings every three to four months in the aftermath.

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If you have cold or canker sores, ulcers, or issues with the health and appearance of your gums, then let us know! Schedule a checkup and cleaning so we can examine your smile and see if advanced laser dentistry is right for you. We can also answer your questions about this technology, and make sure your smile remains bright and beautiful for years to come!

Your Garland, TX, Dentist Offers Treatment with Advanced Technology

Our team would like to help you and your family receive comfortable and effective treatments. To learn more about how our team can sue the latest technologies to offer quality treatment, then please schedule a consultation today by contacting Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX at (972)-530-0552. You can also find our practice at 6850 N Shiloh Rd, Suite C Garland, TX 75044.

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