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Bonding Fixes Chipped Teeth And More

garland dental bonding

Did you know that a simple cosmetic treatment could offer a transformed tooth in only one visit? Dental bonding and contouring help your Garland, TX, dentist address several esthetic issues at once. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss how these procedures work, and when they might be right for your smile!

The Bonding Procedure

First, let’s talk about the dental bonding procedure. We use the same composite resin employed as part of our lifelike and metal-free dental fillings. This material is not only safe for all ages, but we can color match it to blend with the tooth and offer a natural-looking repair. The process is simple. We administer a local numbing agent to keep you comfortable while we clean the tooth and gently etch the outer surface. The etching helps the material stay in place as we apply it in several layers. The dentist then begins to sculpt the outside of the tooth as the composite resin cures under a special light. The last step involves polishing the tooth for a brighter appearance. All of this is possible in one sitting!

 A New Smile in One Visit

We could use the procedure to help mask permanent teeth stains, the kind that form beneath the outer enamel and that could be resistant to traditional teeth whitening procedures. We could also close embarrassing gaps between teeth, and even address these black triangle spaces too. Placement has been shown to repair minor chips and cracks, and also reshape malformed teeth too. If teeth grinding wears down teeth, we can rebuild and restore them. Essentially, this is a makeover in only one visit!

Contouring Your Teeth

In the same visit, or in a separate one, we could also contour the teeth. We don’t add any special materials to the tooth at all. Instead, the cosmetic improvement is possible in one visit with a gentle sanding and buffing of the outer structure. The procedure could allow our team to repair minor chips, and also reshape malformed or overly large teeth too. We can address sharp, pointed, or even jagged portions of your tooth too. We also remove surface imperfections, including grooves, pits, and rough patches.

If you have any questions about these unique cosmetic treatments, or if you want to find out if they could help your smile, then contact our team today to schedule a cosmetic consultation. We would also be happy to address your questions.


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