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Our Tooth Extractions Could Save Your Smile

garland tooth extractionWhen you have an impacted tooth, or one that is diseased or damaged, then a crown may not be enough to help and over time, the rest of your smile could suffer. To help stop the spread of discomfort or infection, your Garland, TX, dentist may perform a safe and comfortable tooth extraction!

When We Prescribe Tooth Removal

We may suggest taking out a tooth that is too damaged to undergo treatment with a crown, or one severely decayed or infected, that could spread to other parts of the smile unless addressed quickly. If a patient has extreme misalignment, then we may remove a tooth to make room to reposition the others. We could also remove teeth loosened due to gum disease too! One of the more common reasons is to prevent wisdom tooth impaction. Our wisdom teeth are up to four new molars that erupt in our late teens and early 20s. Unless addressed, this could lead to misalignment, painful partial eruptions known as impactions, damaged teeth, and misalignment.

Planning Your Treatment

To begin, we will carefully examine your smile with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, so we obtain a clear picture of your current oral health. If we decide you need an extraction to avoid major oral health complications, we will plan the treatment with precision and accuracy. Next, we administer a numbing agent and may also suggest dental sedation to ensure you enter a calm and relaxed state throughout the procedure.

Removing Your Tooth

We will gently remove the teeth with a pair of forceps, and for wisdom teeth we made need to open the gums above the teeth to reach them before they erupt. After the procedure, we suture the area closed. A friend or family member will likely need to bring you home as the sedation often takes a little time to wear off completely.


For the first day, you will need to rest, avoiding activities, consuming only soft food items, like smoothies, and avoiding the use of a straw. You should take any prescribed medications as instructed, and avoiding prodding the extraction site with your tongue. During a follow-up visit, we will remove the sutures and make sure everything is healing properly. If you have any questions about the healing process, or if you think your smile could benefit from a tooth removal, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About the Extraction Process?

We’re here to help you enjoy better oral health and a stronger smile with quality restorative care, including tooth extraction. To learn more about the process of repairing and restoring smiles with oral surgery, then schedule a consultation by calling Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX, today at 972-530-0552. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese.


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