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Protecting Tiny Grins with a Boost of Strength

Female dentist examining little girl teeth in pediatric dentistry clinic. Early prevention, raising awareness, oral hygiene demonstration concept.As the year comes to a close, it is important to reflect on your overall health and wrap up any dental visits or other appointments to finish out 2020 strong. Indeed, this year has not been the best for many individuals and families, but for others, it has been an excellent opportunity to focus on health, happiness, and self-love. Protecting your loved ones and assets is a top priority for most, which means preventive dentistry and oral hygiene are at an all-time high. While you may be taking the steps to ensure healthy structural development in your little ones, keep in mind that tiny grins need just as much, if not more, in-office care. At Mai Dentistry, your family’s health is our top priority, and our Garland, TX dentist wants to inform you of ways you can protect their smiles with added strength.

Added Strength with Dental Sealants

As with every smile, children’s teeth are susceptible to plaque, oral bacteria, cavities, and more. Depending on their diet, sugar intake, and level of preventive care at home, many children could benefit from an added boost of strength to protect against the myriad of harms. When your child comes in for their dental appointment, our compassionate team will take a calm but enthusiastic approach to get your little one excited about their oral health so as to ensure total comfort and alleviate any dental anxiety they may be experiencing. One of our treatment options available to help your little one keep his or her teeth strong consists of painting a thin layer of liquid material onto the biting surfaces so as to prevent bacteria from nestling into the nooks and crannies of tiny teeth. This method is excellent for preventing potential cavities and decay, and can be applied in a simple and efficient visit.

More Protection with Fluoride Treatments

Another option to consider when your child visits our office includes adding a layer of protection with a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is present in tap water as well as most toothpastes. It serves as an added boost of strength to the enamel that is present on teeth in order to protect teeth from harmful acids in foods, oral bacteria, and more.

Staying on Top of Your Little One’s Health

Aside from these methods, ensuring your children are brushing and flossing correctly and staying on top of their routine visits is necessary for healthy development. We know what to look for that could potentially cause harm, such as baby bottle syndrome or thumb sucking, and we can work together to create a treatment plan that works best for your family.

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