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What to Expect During Your Routine Checkup

Many people think that making sure they brush and floss their teeth twice daily affords them the ability to avoid attending a regular dental checkup. If you stay on top of it, you can avoid cavities and not have to attend another unnecessary appointment, right? The answer to this question is not necessarily. In fact, preventive dental visits are actually a major part of the standard dental care regimen, as it provides the opportunity for a trained specialist to examine your smile for any concerns that could become detrimental down the line. Your Garland, TX dentist at Mai Dental Care emphasizes the importance of attending these visits, and even details what you can expect during your checkup.

Examining for Abnormalities

When you come in for your scheduled preventive visit, your dentist will provide a specialized experience that is unique to you and your smile’s needs. During this time, you will express how you have felt, including if you have endured any pain, swelling, discomfort, sensitivity, or other phenomenon. Next, your provider will carefully yet thoroughly examine your mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue for any signs of potential harm or threat. This includes checking oral structures for any damage such as chips, cracks, cavities and more, as well as examining your gums for signs of swelling, discoloration or lodged objects. Additionally, we will check for any abnormalities in the form of rough patches, discoloration, or other sign of potential disease. The benefit of having a trained provider perform a thorough examination affords the opportunity to catch potentially serious concerns such as oral cancer early on and, hopefully, prevent the need for serious extensive procedures such as extraction.

A Professional Clean

Not only does your preventive visit include examination, but a cleaning as well. During this portion, your dentist will carefully remove any deposits of plaque buildup from the surfaces of your teeth and the areas that are difficult to reach. Bacteria tend to gather in the hard-to-reach sections of the mouth, including behind the teeth, between teeth and gums, and near the back molars. If allowed to progress, plaque will continue to build up and calcify, creating pesky tartar that not only is more difficult to remove, but houses large amounts of harmful bacteria that cause bad breath, periodontal disease, decay, and more. By attending your cleaning, you are effectively minimizing your chances of infection, while also increasing your smile’s lifespan. For more information, contact our team today.

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At Mai Dental Care, your smile is a top priority of ours, and we want to help you keep it at its best through excellent habits at home coupled with checkups and cleanings. Contact our Garland, TX office by calling (972) 530-0552 today.

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