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Protecting Little Smiles With Dental Sealants

Last week, we took at a look at the importance of routine checkups and cleanings for children in Garland, TX. Today, we would like to talk about a unique preventive treatment we offer to help safeguard little smiles from cavities. How do dental sealants help prevent the onset of tooth decay in children?

How Do You Place a Sealant?

The placement process is simple. We dry the surface of the rear molars and then apply the acrylic material in several layers. We cure the material with a light, the entire process only taking a few minutes to complete. They will then stay in place for years, wearing away naturally with time. If necessary, we can reapply in future appointments.

Protecting Smiles From Cavities

A cavity occurs when harmful bacteria reaches the sensitive inner layer of tooth structure, known as dentin. While the outer enamel typically protects the teeth, consuming sugary foods and drinks can leave particles trapped between the teeth. When bacteria break down these particles, the teeth become coated in plaque, which eventually weakens and erodes the enamel and enables a cavity to form. They can also occur if the teeth become cracked or chipped. The sealants prevent food from becoming stuck between the rear teeth, which are often difficult for little ones to reach when they brush and floss. The protective layer takes a short time to apply and offer children an excellent defense against cavities, which could otherwise cause discomfort and eventually an infection or prematurely lost tooth!

Baby Bottle Decay and Other Issues

In addition to receiving preventive dental sealants, you can also take steps to help improve your child’s oral health. For example, try to cut back on sugary foods and drinks. Also, for babies and toddlers, don’t let them fall asleep or nap with a bottle or sippy cup of milk or juice, as this leaves the teeth coated in sugars and increases the risk of baby bottle tooth decay. Older kids should also eat a healthier diet to avoid cavities. Children of all ages need their teeth brushed twice a day and flossed every night before bed. Finally, be sure you see us for a checkup and dental cleaning every six months. With the right steps, both parents and dental professionals can help children enjoy healthy smiles free of tooth decay!


We want to help your little ones stay cavity-free and enjoy optimal oral health. For more information on our approach to children’s dentistry or the preventive dental care we offer, then schedule a consultation by calling Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX, today at 972-530-0552. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese.


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