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How Do We Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Our wisdom teeth can cause serious problems. In fact, for some their arrival could mean major changes to a smile’s health and alignment. To safeguard young smiles from the dangers of wisdom teeth, we may remove these third molars with a dental extraction. How do we extract teeth in Garland, TX, and when should patients see us for this restorative treatment options?

The Dangers Wisdom Teeth Pose

Third molars are four additional molars that typically erupt in a patient’s late teens or early 20s. For some, they may only partially erupt, which is known as an impaction. Dental impaction has been linked to damaged teeth, serious discomfort, and dental infection. If they erupt without complication, this could still cause dental misalignment, leading to an uneven smile and a greater risk of oral health concerns, such as tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and bruxism. Removing them completely before they erupt is often the best option for protecting oral health and avoiding these potential complications.

The Extraction Process

The procedure involves opening the area of the jaw where these teeth reside, then gently removing them from the jaw. We then suture the area closed. The process only takes a visit to complete. We provide detailed aftercare instructions for our patients, such as how to eat, drink, brush, and floss in the hours and days following the procedure. We will also suggest medication to ease discomfort and promote a fast healing process without complications. You will attend follow-up visits so we can monitor your progress. Along with addressing wisdom teeth, we may suggest the procedure to address infection, severe damage, loose teeth due to gum disease, or to help correct misalignment.

Our Sedation Options

We take a number of steps to ensure a patient feels comfortable during this procedure. For example, we often work with a trained maxillofacial surgeon to oversee the extraction process. Dental sedation helps patients avoid discomfort and leave with little to no memory of the procedure itself. We work with Dr. Mark Waggoner, a trained dental anesthesiologist, who will administer IV sedation and monitor patients throughout the procedure. If you have any questions about the procedure, or if you think you could benefit from this treatment option, then please contact our team today. We want to help you avoid issues that could negatively impact your overall oral health.

Ready to Address Your Third Molars?

We want to help you avoid the complications of wisdom tooth impaction by carefully and comfortably removing your third molars. For more information on our dental extractions, schedule a consultation by calling Mai Dentistry in Garland, TX, today at 972-530-0552. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese.


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