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Does A Sore Jaw Mean TMD?

Have you ever heard of TMJ disorder? Also known as TMD, this jaw joint disorder can eventually lead to problems fully opening and closing your mouth. For patients in Garland, TX, with the disorder, a sore jaw is often a warning sign.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Disorder

Question: What other symptoms should I be aware of?

Answer: You should take note of popping or crackling sensations in your jaw, as well as persistent headaches or jaw pain. Aches in the neck or shoulders are also possible indicators as well. If you have persistent discomfort in or around your jaw, then contact us today. We can examine the jaw and teeth for signs of wear or friction to see if you need treatment.

Question: What happens if I don’t have this treated?

Answer: Without treatment, the uncomfortable symptoms can increase in severity and as we mentioned above, you can have trouble opening and closing your mouth. You experience problems eating and the aches may cause severe discomfort.

Question: How do you treat TMJ disorder?

Answer: Often, we help with orthodontics or restoration placement. We also create custom-made oral appliances. These devices look like nightguards and help reposition the jaw to ease any strain on the joints. Our patients find the devices to be comfortable and worn easily as they sleep at night, offering solutions to TMJ dysfunction.

Question: Is there any connection to bruxism?

Answer: Often, intreated TMD may lead to the onset of bruxism. Patients with bruxism experience chronic teeth grinding and jaw clenching, which damages teeth and increases the risk of tooth decay and infection. Likewise, untreated bruxism may in turn lead to TMJ disorder. If you have any questions about identifying and treating TMD, then contact our team today. We’re ready to help you enjoy a healthy (and comfortable) smile!


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