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How Do You Stay Cavity-Free During Thanksgiving?

In just two days, millions of people across the country will be joining their friends and family for an epic feast. We love Thanksgiving celebrations, but as dental professionals we also understand how consuming the wrong foods can increase the risk of cavities. How do you stay cavity-free during Thanksgiving?

Avoiding Sugary and Starchy Foods

Some of our holiday favorites can cause problems for our smiles. For example, our pies and cakes contain high amounts of sugar, as does cranberry sauce. Stuffing, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes contain a lot of starch. Sugar and starch can remain trapped on or between the teeth, where bacteria will break the particles down. The process of consuming these particles can lead to an increase in oral acidity and plaque buildup, elevating the risk of cavities forming.

Drinking Water

One way to enjoy your favorite foods is to drink water! Tea contains dark pigments, which can stain your teeth. Sweet and soda contain a lot of sugar. But water contains no acids or sugars, no starches either. Water can help rinse away food particles and harmful bacteria too!

Choosing Healthy Food Options

In addition to cutting back on harmful foods and drinks, be sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits and veggies, such as apples carrots, and broccoli, are rough and can help remove plaque from the teeth as you consume them. They also contain essential vitamins that your smile needs!

Floss, Floss, Floss!

You need to floss after every night before bed to remove food particles caught between your teeth, this is especially vital if your meal contains a lot of sugar and starch! If you have any questions about keeping your smile healthy and cavity-free, then please contact our office today.


At Vi Mai-Truong, DDS, we can help your smile remain healthy and beautiful throughout the holiday season. For our patients who don’t speak English, our office is fluent in both Spanish and Vietnamese. To schedule an appointment, call our Garland, TX office today at (972) 530-0552.


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