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3 Common Childhood Dental Issues

There are many dental health issues that concern children, from the well know, such as tooth decay, to the less obvious, such as thumb sucking. As a parent, protecting your little one’s smile means being aware of the possible dangers and taking steps to help. Today, we’re going to look at three common dental issues in children.

Common Dental Issues in Children

  1. Baby Bottle Rot: Also known as baby bottle decay, this is tooth decay that impacts babies. When children go to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup of juice or milk, then the teeth are coated in sugar particles. Bacteria then break down the particles, coating the teeth in plaque and wording the enamel, leading to tooth decay. Many people are unaware that children are just as vulnerable to cavities as adults. To avoid this, we suggest parents only give their children water when they lay them down for a nap or for bed.
  2. Thumb Sucking: When children suck their thumb or fingers, this can impact the alignment and development of the teeth, increasing the chances that children will need braces or other orthodontics in the future.
  3. Premature Tooth Loss: When a tooth is lost sooner than expected, this can lead to misalignment. When baby teeth are lost on schedule, the remaining teeth help guide the new tooth in place. Unexpected gaps can mean overlapping or crooked teeth. Premature tooth loss often occurs when a cavity isn’t treated in a timely manner, allowing the tooth to become infected. To avoid this, don’t ignore tooth decay in your child. Some parents assume that since the baby teeth fall out eventually, treating them isn’t necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth!

When Should My Little One See the Dentist?

Your little one should see the dentist ever six months for checkups and cleanings! In addition, if your child companies about a toothache or tooth sensitivity, then bring them in for treatment right away.

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