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5 Tips For Protecting Your Teeth This Halloween

mai-halloweenHalloween is just a week away! While kids and adults both enjoy dressing up and binging on sugary treats, we should all be aware of the risk this holiday poses to our smile. Without the proper steps, the odds of developing cavities can increase. Fortunately, there are ways of protecting your teeth this Halloween.

Tips for Protecting Your Teeth During Halloween

  1. Limit Candy Consumption: Too much candy can lead to a higher risk of cavities. As bacteria break down the particles of sugar, the levels of oral acidity increase and the teeth are coated in plaque. Soon, enamel weakens and tooth decay can form. We recommend limiting candy to a few pieces following meals.
  2. Drink Water: Water can help rinse away sugar particles. After eating your candy, be sure to have a glass of water. In addition to rinsing the mouth, water can help hydrate as well.
  3. Offer Healthy Alternatives: You can offer your kids a chance to trade their candy in for a toy. You can even donate excess candy to programs such as Operation Gratitude, which then gives them to soldiers overseas. During Halloween night, you can give out healthy alternatives, such as trail mix or nuts. You can also give party favors and small toys instead of sugary alternatives.
  4. Don’t Ignore Toothaches: If you or your little one experiences sensitive teeth or toothaches, don’t ignore the problem. See your dentist right away. The doctor can diagnose the cause of your aches and if necessary, recommend treatment, such as a lifelike tooth-colored filling.
  5. Visit Your Dentist: You should see your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. You can schedule a visit following Halloween. A checkup allows the doctor to identify potential problems in the early stages, while a cleaning can reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.
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