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How Do You Avoid Baby Bottle Syndrome?

mai-baby-bottleHave you ever heard of baby bottle syndrome? If you’re a parent, then you need to understand what causes this issue and how to protect your child’s smile from it. Also known as baby bottle rot or baby bottle decay, this issue can lead to cavities and other serious oral health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avoiding Baby Bottle Syndrome

Question: What causes baby bottle syndrome?

Answer: When you lay a baby down for nap or bed with a bottle of juice or milk, the sugars in the drinks coat the teeth. Soon, bacteria can break down the particles, increasing oral acidity and creating a layer of plaque over the teeth. As a result, babies and toddlers can develop tooth decay, particularly on the upper front teeth.

Question: Should my little one being seeing a dentist?

Answer: As soon as the teeth erupt your child should be seeing the dentist once every six months for a checkup and if necessary, a dental cleaning. The doctor monitors their smiles’ progression, making sure teeth are erupting properly and looking for any warning signs of decay, addressing potential problems before they can worsen.

Question: Will a cavity in a baby tooth need a filling?

Answer: Yes. While the baby teeth do fall out, this can take months or even years depending, on how young the child is when decay forms. Without treatment, tooth decay can turn into an infection and cause serious discomfort. The tooth can eventully require removal. Premature loss of the baby teeth can cause the permanent ones to erupt incorrectly.

Question: How do I take better care of my baby’s smile?

Answer: In addition to regular dentist visits, you should help your child brush his/her teeth twice a day. Your little one also needs to floss once more than one tooth erupts next to one another.



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