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Do Kids Need Fillings?

mai kids fillingsChildren eventually lose their baby teeth, everyone knows this. Many parents ask us if treating a cavity in baby teeth is necessary, after all, these teeth will fall out. The fact is, kids need fillings to avoid a cavity becoming an infection and leading to serious discomfort or possibly premature tooth loss. Just like teens and adults, kids need cavities addressed in a timely manner with a dental restoration.

Why Do Kids Develop Cavities?

Our teeth are composed of several layers. The inner pulp keeps the tooth alive and heathy. The pulps is surrounded by dentin, which makes up the majority of the tooth structure. Finally, the outermost layer is enamel, a very tough substance that protects the teeth from injury and bacteria. However, kids and adults alike can weaken the enamel via poor oral hygiene, allowing bacteria to reach the dentin and cause decay. Sugary foods and drinks can promote plaque buildup and increased oral acidity, which erodes enamel. One major culprit for young children is going to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk, which coats the teeth in sugar and other starches while the child sleeps.

Can’t I Wait Until the Baby Teeth Fall Out?

No! In some cases, this would mean ignoring the problem for months, allowing the decay to worsen and eventually leading to a serious infection. If the infected tooth can’t be treated, it will need to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading. Premature tooth loss in young children can lead to permanent teeth erupting incorrectly, causing misalignment.

Children’s Fillings

We can remove the decay from the children’s tooth and then apply a composite resin, or white filling. The material will cure under a light and the doctor will then polish the tooth. Once complete, the filling will blend with the child’s smile. The entire procedure only takes a single visit.

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