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Why Do We Need Cleanings?

mai cleaningYou’ve probably heard your dentist tell you that you should have your teeth cleaned regularly. Why do we need cleanings? Isn’t brushing and closing daily enough to protect our smiles? Some people aren’t aware of just how vital a simple preventive procedure can be for protecting your smile from tooth decay and even gum disease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Cleanings

Question: How often should my teeth be cleaned?

Answer: We recommend seeing a dentist for the procedure once every six months. However, if you have high risk factors for periodontal disease you may need more frequent visits, such as once every three to four months.

Question: What does the procedure involve?

Answer: The doctor uses either a manual tool or an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth. Then, the doctor polishes the teeth. The result is a smoother surface, fresher breath, and often brighter teeth.

Question: What happens if I don’t seek treatment?

Answer: Without treatment tartar buildup remains stuck to teeth, as brushing and flossing cannot remove this hardened plaque buildup. Eventually, the tartar increases oral acidity and weakens tooth enamel, increasing the risk of tooth decay and even gum issues, such as gingivitis or gum disease.

Question: Do I still need to brush and floss?

Answer: Yes. Brushing and flossing can limit the severity of plaque and tartar buildup between cleaning visits. You should brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and again before going to bed. You should also floss your teeth thoroughly every night before going to bed. If you have any questions about our dental cleanings or if you would like to visit our office please contact us and schedule a visit.

Dr. Mai and her team provide excellent patient care to prevent dental conditions from developing. We monitor your smile with checkups and regular cleanings incorporating advanced technology.
To treat and transform your smile, we can offer fillings and crowns to restore your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty.
We want to help your smile shine with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and one-visit bonding and contouring procedures.
Our advanced dental technology allows us to provide you with less-intrusive, more precise care.