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Would You Prefer A Removable Bridge?

removable bridgeThere are several options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. Each option has its pros and cons. Some are more invasive and more expensive than others. Some are permanent and some aren’t. Your choice of treatment will be based on several factors. You can discuss your treatment options with your dentist and make a choice that you are comfortable with. In our last blog we discussed fixed bridges, but what if you would prefer a removable bridge?

What is a Removable Bridge?

A removable bridge is just as the name implies; it can be removed for cleaning and at bedtime. Removable bridges are often referred to as a partial denture. Removable bridges consist of a gum-colored acrylic base that holds a replacement tooth or teeth. The bridge is held in place via metal clasps that attach to healthy adjacent teeth.

Tooth Replacement

Although it may seem that one or maybe two missing teeth are not a problem, large spaces between your teeth can cause your teeth to shift or slant. This can lead to a mouthful of crooked teeth. To avoid this problem it is recommended that you either fill the space permanently with an implant or a fixed dental bridge, or if you are looking for a less invasive and less expensive treatment, a removable bridge.

Pros and Cons


There are reasons you may prefer a removable bridge over a fixed prosthetic. They:

  • Are generally less expensive than other options
  • Are non-invasive
  • Are removable for cleaning and if you decide on a more permanent treatment
  • Restore function and aesthetics
  • Take less time to fabricate


·       Comfort may be an issue

·       Not as stable

·       Metal clasps may be an aesthetic issue

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