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Baby’s Breath Is Not Just A Flower

babiesbreathBabies are so small, and sweet, and helpless, and most of the time people love the way a baby smells. However, babies can have very strong smells too if they are not kept clean, or they are not healthy. A baby’s breath doesn’t usually smell. That’s because they have no teeth.  Your teeth and tongue collect a myriad of things that can cause your breath to smell including food debris, sugars, and bacteria. Even though they don’t have teeth, babies can have bad breath. If your baby has bad breath it is because baby’s breath is not just a flower, it is a tangible thing.

Some Facts

Fact #1: Baby’s can develop bad breath for several reasons.

Fact #2: One reason in that they often regurgitate milk or food back into their esophagus when they eat too much, which can cause bad breath.

Fact #3: If your baby’s diet is high in sugar they may have bad breath. Harmful oral bacteria that is found in your mouth breaks down sugars and release a foul smelling gas that we call bad breath.

Fact #4: A stuffy nose can cause bad breath because the baby is forced to breathe through his or her mouth. Breathing through the mouth dries out the oral tissues. Odor-causing bacteria breed in dry mouths causing bad breath. So, if your baby has a cold or is suffering from allergies they may have bad breath.

Fact #5: If your baby has an infection he or she may develop bad breath.

Fact #6: More often than you are probably aware, babies have bad breath because they have an object stuck in their nose.

Fact #7: For babies with teeth, bad breath can be caused by tooth decay.


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